Our Patners

Footbar is a cutting-edge company that equips each participant in our scouting events with a high-performance device designed to measure and analyze their athletic performance. By leveraging advanced technology, Footbar helps athletes track their progress, optimize their training, and showcase their skills to potential scouts and teams. Their innovative solutions are integral in enhancing the overall experience and success of our events.

EgyptAir is our official flying partner, providing exceptional travel services to ensure our team travels comfortably and efficiently to our scouting events. With a reputation for reliability and excellent service, EgyptAir plays a crucial role in facilitating smooth and hassle-free travel logistics, allowing us to focus on delivering top-notch scouting experiences.

Sigma Fit is our official apparel partner, known for their high-quality sportswear that combines advanced technology with innovative design. Their commitment to excellence ensures that all participants at our scouting events are equipped with gear that enhances their performance and comfort. Sigma Fit's dedication to quality and performance aligns perfectly with our mission to provide the best possible environment for athletes to showcase their talents.

Zone14 is a pioneering company that installs high-quality cameras on the field to record every game at our scouting events. By utilizing advanced video analysis tools, Zone14 allows for quick and efficient marking and categorization of crucial scenes. Their intelligent AI algorithms recognize players, track running routes, and identify all key events on the pitch, presenting comprehensive statistics in a clear and concise manner. Zone14's innovative technology is essential in providing scouts with precise and valuable insights, enhancing the overall experience and success of our events.